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MK677, otherwise known as Ibutamoren is a Growth Hormone secretagogue. It was researched and developed for the pharmacological treatment of various diseases such as MS, obesity ,GH deficiency and osteoporosis.

This hormone signals the pituitary gland to release Growth Hormone, such as other similar compounds like GHRP.

MK677 does not directly reduce adipose tissue, but increases lean body mass and reduces total body fat. 

Unlike exogenous HGH administration, MK677 causes a release of natural GH as opposed to synthetic recombinant HGH mimicking the effects. The primary  differences between GHRP and MK677 are the methods of administration, GHRP has a low bioavailability, and must be administered as injection. Ibutamoren is very orally bioavailable, and thus can be effectively orally administered.




  • MK677 Human Use

    These hormone has been through various clinical and laboratory studies, and positive effects were found in users.

    Preventing disease induced catabolism was of significant important to the development of this drug, for it to be effective and justifiable in the prescription of use in patients suffering from involuntary muscle wastage. Studies have found that subjects who were induced with short term nitrogen wasting showed increased IGF1 and GH levels 7 days after the first dose was administered, reversing the effects of nitrogen wasting.

    Trials for obesity found that MK677 did not directly reduce adipose tissue, but increased lean body mass within the subjects, and overall increased the lean body mass, reducing total bodyfat percentage. This was theorised that the calorie surplus consumed by subjects was more efficiently stored in muscle tissue rather than fat cells.

  • MK677 Method of action


    In humans, Growth Hormone is released in pulses, this pulses are either created naturally or can be pharmacologically induced using a Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone such as MK677 or GHRP.

    These pulses can be amplified using Mod GRF 1-29.

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