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7 Nutrition Jungle Girl Burner - 120 caps

7 Nutrition Jungle Girl Burner - 120 caps


Not just an amazing fat burner. This is the perfect remedy for every woman. We have developed a product that has no equal on the market in terms of meeting the needs of women.


- Fat Burning
- The reduction of residual water under the skin
- Hair Care
- The large increase in libido and sexual satisfaction.
- And it's all in one!


Combination of ingredients such as Momordica charantia, Dandelion, cayenne pepper, piperine, Garcinia Gambogi gave thundering, proven effect. We guarantee high efficiency by increasing the thermogenesis of the body and the maximum perspiration. In addition to a very strong and proven cayenne pepper combined with Garcinia Cambogia in the composition we have a unique combination of Balsamki melon and Willow Bark. Gaining increasing popularity is slowly becoming one of the most effective ingredients of the best burners.


We think not only about your silhouette, but also your enjoyment. After about 14 days of regular use of Jungle Girl Burner you will notice a lot more energy and sex drive.

You will enjoy an active life while burning fat and shaping the perfect body.

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